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On the following pages you’ll get a general overview on our customers testimonials

Andreas Schwarze – CEO – Conventis GmbH

There is a big difference between working together with Headhunters or real branch experts. This difference is notable, not only in a fast implementation but also in the quality of the candidates. In the last couple of months we were able to fill a few important positions. Thank you for the very good cooperation.

Dieter Schraad – Manager medium-sized businesses - CIBER Managed Services GmbH

For us as an IT – Service Provider in the SAP – area the HYPE Group (training- and recruiting professionals) offers a measurable added-value from the personnel recruitment to the professional education of the existing staff as well as new employees. We really appreciate the fast and reliable service of the HYPE Group and would like to recommend Frank Rechsteiner and his team. Most of the time there are only a couple of days in between the demand and the first proposals arriving us. That’s the fact why we are able to react faster on our customers` demands and by consequence why we are on the one hand more competitive than our competitors and on the other hand we can pass this advantage along to our customers.

That’s what our customers say and what they report about their strategy workshops

Peter Eisele – Vorstandssprecher – XEPTUM Consulting AG

Of course we could have continued with classical ERP Consulting and thus comply the standard competitions for staff, customers and projects. But the aware decision to challenge our company’s strategy about USP, portfolio of solutions, market communication and the motivation of our employees was the best we could have done. That’s what we learned after having passed the first workshops. We defined immediate measures and medium term acting options which today make it easy to walk the talk. Furthermore now we have settled a big goal – we have a well-defined image and phrasing of who we are in the future. We have a well-defined goal and a defined way how to reach that goal. I really would like to give my recommendations for Frank Rechsteiner.

The HYPE – Group exclusively for SAP – Business partners 2 companies = 1 goal